In 1987, Stephan Arnal, the grandson of Constantin Samard, takes over the family business together with Léo Smaga, whom he met at school. Their friendship and common passion for traditional craftsmanship and fashion enable them to relance the company and its iconic manufacturing. They take on the company’s heritage and add French elegance, innovative materials and colors that burst with life. Finally, they give a name to their new collections: Récife Paris.

Today, Récife Paris has become a global brand which accompanies modern men and women in their everyday life. Our collections of writing instruments, leather goods and accessories are expressing «joy de vivre», innovation, creativity and traditional craftsmanship.

Constantin Samard inherited his passion for leather from a family in which three generations dedicated themselves to saddlery and horse equipment. In 1930, he set up his own company in Vincennes near Paris and quickly specialized in luggage.

In 1936, always ahead of his time, Constantin Samard invents the Cabas bag and starts using «toile enduite», a special wax-coated cloth, to make large bags for shopping in France, thus inventing the French «tote bag», used by millions of housewives around the world. Moreover, he designs and sells the first beach bag, a contribution to the millions of workers gaining access to paid holidays in France. The success was immediate with many requests to increase the line of this new bag.

Suitcases and other travel bags aimed at the first transatlantic and other long-haul air travelers, were added to the historic Cabas and beach bags in 1960.