365 by Guiliano Mazzuoli

365 produces and markets writing products. With its products, the company expresses the genius and the creativity of the designer Giuliano Mazzuoli, who for quite some time now has dedicated himself also to the conceptualization and manufacturing of prestigious wristwatches like Manometro, Contagiri, Trasmissione Meccanica, and Carrara which are appreciated and worn by many celebrities. Fountain pens, ballpoint and roller pens, and pencils come from the homologation of the classic canons of writing objects to reveal an authentic identity that combines project research, function and renewed aesthetics even in the selection of modern colors. Clean design, original forms, fine materials, and workmanship make every GIULIANO MAZZUOLI pen a real jewel of craftsmanship with the highest attention to detail. The entire line of GIULIANO MAZZUOLI writing instruments is completely made in the heart of the CHIANTI area drawing on the excellence of the territory through the use of selected prime materials and the expert workmanship of the area.

Group4p distributes as well the patented Stiff Flexible notebooks as the pens.

Stiff Flexible

Stifflexible started in 1997 and Giuliano Mazzuoli's idea takes inspiration from binding system used in an old book (from around the 1700s) that was shown to him in an old florentine library. The precious volume, composed of multiple pages, had a sturdy cover able to hold its contents over time and it also needed to be easily consultable: so a hardcover that was at the same time flexible was made. Giuliano Mazzuoli is inspired by this ancient, but also modern technique and calls it Stifflexible for its "stiff and flexible" nature. By using it you can appreciate its functionality, the quality of the raw materials used, and its extraordinary resistance to use.
The Stifflexible comes in a wide range of colours and trendy patterns.

Stifflexible lets you to make a product designed around you. Our experience with large brands allows us to express our potential on Stifflexible personalization in a "tailor made" way that is most appropriate in every project. Amongst the companies who have adopted a personalised Stiff Flexible as their official company's notebook: Uefa, Barilla, Playstation, Iveco,...

Mazzuoli Pens
The ideal pen - or pen set - for the eternal doubter. Undescisive about whether you should buy a pen, a roller or a ballpoint? Just buy a Mazzuoli set and you've got all three of them! All bodies of Mazzuoli pens are transformable into all three forms of writing gear. Every part you need is in the set.